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Professional CCTV Monitor
18.5 inch Wifi Bus LCD Advertising Player
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1,10/12/15/18.5/19/22/24/27/32 inch is available.
2,Ad content update through Ethernet or wifi wireless network.
3,Android system, with CMS to remotely manage content and scheduling
4,Support Multiple spli
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             Wifi Bus LCD Advertising Player, we can offer you the complete solution, not only the hardware but also the software system. The machine with wifi that can auto download content from internet for customer advertising that changes over night to different advertising each day via wifi download. We will offer you our software system to manage all the screens,this means that you can transfer ad files to the screen remotely via wifi network from your office.Screen will automatically play video and image contents (entertaining and advertising contents), prepared by those content manage from a server, which scheduled ordisplayed for playback through the centralized software, distributed to lcd locations. Every lcd has to be able to automatically detect new contents and start playing them,without any man-work.

 1, Based on Android 4.42 system, all the android application Apk,software automatic restoration supported.
 2, Real time management and controlling,browser,breakpoint upload and download,multi-mode upload supported.
 3,Updating programs(video,pictures,texts,PPT etc.)through the Internet supported.
 4,Auto Power on/off,electroic clock & date supported.
 5,Split screen and fixed template display setting supported.
 6,Setting IP address, working time and working day supported.
 7,1080P Full HD programs display supported.
 8,WAN & LAN long-distance setting play/sleep/reboot etc.fuction supported.
 9,Display contents cryptographic protection supported(selectable)
 10,Cable network,wifi,3g, touch screen, inner camera setting supported(selectable)
 Notice : If you don't like our CMS software, you can also install your own Apk in our machine, which means that you can integrate other digital signage player or system software in display.

1,Working Principle of Digital Signage

Digital content can be created easily via digital signage which allow advertisers to combine audio, video, image and interactivity by themselves. Digital contents displayed on the signage is presented in one of the following formats:

A, Text - Scrolling text. Either scrolling text, or text dynamically updated via external newsfeed source.

B, Images - Scrolling images, usually in the format of digital advertisement posters.

C, Video - Usually in the format of commercial TV advertisements.

2, CMS Function Features Description

 1, Broadcasting content management:
1) Broadcasting tasks combined closely with diverse split screen modes that can be based on tasked split screen modes;
 2) Support the file that may be not the video format playing with background music simultaneously;
 3) Support real-time update of the video,word and picture;
 4) Gather external data and connect to the new broadcasting content;
 5) Support various format :
      a)Support Video formats : AVI/MP4/WMV/MPG and JPEG/PNG/GIF/BMP etc;
      b)Picture displaying ,5 seconds to 24 hours ,interval time is adjustable;
      c)The effects mode of displaying picture :fade-in fade-out,scrolling,page turning and what not.
 6) Divers play modes:
     a) Looping playback mode ,looping the chosen pictures;
     b) Timing play mode .play the pictures which is superior to the Looping playback;
     c) Timing,sequencing play mode.play the pictures at a fixed time and looping times can be altered at you will;
     d) Inter-cut mode ,playing contents including video ,picture,text .it’s got best priority;
     e) Complement mode,which means when there is no content in player, it will play the originally attached content
7) conflict testing of playing contents ,shown in time axes;
8) Play task copying function ,which facilitates the re-use of the same contents in different groups;
9) Support real-time information gathering and showing like News date and weather forecast;
10) Support grouping management strategy ,manage and issue the information according to different groups
2, Media Management
 1)Transform ,classify and manage the uploaded files;
 2)Record the details like size ,format,resolution and up-loader and the like;
 3)dynamic showing of uploading rate.
 4) Grouping management:
    a) Support grouping ,every group can hook up with some terminals.
    b) Support setting a series of on-off time.
 3) Support setting the time of saving and downloading;
 4) Three authority levels ,strictly based on the level of authority and time interval to edit and issue the authority.
3,Real-time data management
 1) According to different interface to select the information such as news,weather and finance;
 2) Support at the same time many data source like HTTP/FTP/HTTPS/SOCKET/XSLT/XML;
 3) Free to choose data column, automatically adjust the column in accordance with the regions;
 4) Support the real-time data page-turning (turning speed adjustable ),rolling screen,line-by-line display
 5) Support real-time data pattern editing
 6) Support classifying areas :play area,Logo area,date area ,week area, time area,caption area and weather area
 7)Free to set up the ares’ attribute :name ,position ,size ,transparence and so on
 8) Support setting special display ratio of play mode: 9:16 , resolution ratio 1080×1920, vertical screen
 9) Support the add ,delete,amend ,search information at the terminal
 10) Support terminals’bulk adding
 11) Support management of the terminals subordinate to the group
 12) Support setting the on-off time
 13) Support the management of terminals’operating condition and broadcasting situation
 14) Checking on the terminals’playing contents
 15) Checking on the terminals’memory size
 16) Checking on the terminals’ present IP address
 17) Terminal’s starting up ,shuting down and rebooting
 18) Support setting the volume time intervals and multiple grades by remote-control
 19) Checking on the logs  
 20) Checking on the terminals’availability ratio
 21) Automatically upgrading the terminal by remote control
 22) Supervising the all terminals in system and snapping the playing pictures.


Advertising Display are used for many different purposes. It helps to engage users and also helps advertisers to gain insight in customer behaviors.The followings are some of the most common applications of digital signage:

1,Public information – news, weather, traffic and local (location specific) information, such as building directory with map, fire exits and traveler information.

4,The Specification

1)the specification of option lcd screen Panel

Panel size






Display area(mm)/mode

304(H) X 228(V)

338(H) X 270(V) 

408(H) X 253(V)

272(H) X 294(V)

518(H) X 324(V)

Maximum resolution

1024 X 768

  1280 X 1024

1440 X 900

1680 X 1050

1920 X 1080

Display color






Pixel Pitch(mm)

0.29(H)×0.29 (V)





Brightness (nits)












Visual angle






Response time












2)The specification of internal media player

 CPU  ARM Cortex-A7,1.2 GHz, Dual core
 Infrared remote control  Support
 RAM  DDR3 1G byte
 Internal Memory  NAND FLASH 8G
 External Memory  SATA/USB/SD card/CF card
 Resolution  1080P(1080 X 1920)
 Play mode  Circulation, timing, inter-cutting etc.
 Network  wifi network
 Video format  Compatible for SD card and CF card
 SD card  wmv, avi, flv, rm, rmvb, mpeg, ts, mp4 etc.
 Picture format  BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF
 USB2.0 port  2 x USB HOST external mouse and keyboard
 wifi 150Mbps 802.11n Wifi
 Operating system  Android 4.42

 Power Supply  DC 6~36V 
 Standy Power Consumption  0.3W
 Working Temperature  0℃ ~ 40℃
 Storage Temperature  below 20℃~60℃
 Working Humidity  10%~90%
 Storage Humidity  5%~90%
 Appearance  Default Metal Enclosure Design( other type or color is option)

3)The specification of product
 Screen Size 15"   17"  19"  22"  24"
 Max Power Consumption  35W  35W  45W  72W  95W
 The machine body dimension
(Lx W x H)mm
 372x291x51  417x337x55  472x322x60  526x349x55  535x354x58
 Net weight  5.5 kg/pcs  6 kg/pcs  6.5 kg/pcs  7 kg/pcs 7.5 kg/pcs
 Gross weight  10 kg/pcs  10 kg/pcs  11 kg/pcs  12 kg/pcs  13 kg/pcs
 Packing material  Packed in Carton
 Outer Packing size  490x410x130mm  895x590x180mm  1160x790x180mm  650x470x130mm  660x480x130mm
 Sample price(EXW Shenzhen)  $250/pcs  $250/pcs  $275/pcs  $300/pcs  $350/pcs
 Wholesale price(MOQ=20pcs)  $200/pcs  $200/pcs  $225/pcs  $250/pcs  $300/pcs

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